Food Challenge


2019 Nokesville 4-H Club

The Free Range Peeps:

Clayton M.

Ryan N.

Rowan F.

Eleanor F.

Katie S.

First Team Meeting was November 4th!

What did we accomplish:

    • We discussed the My Plate and Fight Bac! handouts that will be allowed resources in the competition kit.
    • Brainstormed some team names and ideas for uniforms. Still a work in progress...
    • Went rummaging through the food challenge kit to see what we were missing. Luckily we only need a few inexpensive items; A melon baller, first aid kit, and a cookie sheet.
    • Oh and we ate some tasty cookies.

2nd Team Meeting: November 17th

Lesson 2, Food Preparation:

  • This meeting the team started off with a quick activity modified from the Exploring Food Challenge curriculum. The kids were given three envelopes representing three different recipes. Each step to make the recipe was on a separate strip of paper and the goal was to place them in order from beginning to end. We discussed the order of the steps, talked about time management, and worked together to figured out what sequence worked best to make the dish.
Meeting 2 Recipe Discussion.JPG

After working out how best to prepare the recipes the Free Range Peeps got to pick one of the three recipes and had their first chance to cook as a team! They went with Sloppy Joes

Meeting 2 Eating Sloppy Joes.JPG

Then the kiddos had the chance to learn about cleaning up as a team!

There's Rowan and Ryan scrubbing away,.

Great job guys!


3rd Team Meeting: December 1st

Lesson 3: Food Substitutions