2019 Nokesville 4-H Club Clover Buds

This years we are doing activities based on Certified Wildlife Habitats as defined by The National Wildlife Federation

Each club meeting we will focus on the an aspect of a what makes up a backyard wildlife habitat. Some of the key aspects to make a backyard habitat are the following:

  • Food: Needs three of the approved types like berries, bird feeders, fruits or grasses
  • Water: One sources of clean water for wildlife to drink and bathe
  • Cover: Two places to find shelter from the weather and predators
  • Two places to raise young: Burrows, cave, water garden
  • Sustainable Practices: Use native plants, reduce erosion, no pesticides

NSF provides a checklist for each of these items. You can view it by looking at this link.

iNaturalist APP

What Makes Up a Habitat

After talking with all our kids about what goes into making a wildlife habitat and what we could do to make one each clover bud made a picture of their own backyard habitat, coloring, cutting and gluing all the little things they would like to add to their gardens

Some Food

In this next meeting the focus was primarily on food. This time we had the children tell us all about the different types of food they thought the animals in their gardens and yards might eat. For our activity we made bagel bird feeder.

Getting Set Up

All the kids seem really excited to get to put their own spreads on the bagels. They were super focused too.

Clover Buds Hard at Work Making Food Sources for Animals

Jimmy and Dawood did a great job getting those bagels covered. I think Jimmy won for most material eaten!

Mason really covered his bagel with seeds.

Alexander was pretty excited to gent his bagel on a string and ready to dip in seeds