Club Officers

Officer Application and Description - click link

Requirements to be an Officer:

- must be age 9 and older- must have been enrolled in 4-H for one full year- must complete an officer application (see form below)- must go to officer training (with the exception of those that have been for a total of two years)- must be committed to coming to all general club monthly meeting- must respond to the President in a timely manner before the meeting about your officer report and plan
Offices are one year terms.

OFFICERS 2018 - 2019

President - Emily L.

Vice President - David K.

Secretary - Rowan F.

Treasurer - Andy N.

Historian: Rowan F. and Katie S.

Parliamentarian: Rowan F. and Katie S.

Safety & Logistics Officer: JD V.

Sergeant-at-Arms: Andy and David

Recreation Leaders: Ryan and Eric

Health Officer: JD V.

PWC Association Liaison: Emily L.

Budget Committee: Chairman: Andy N.

OFFICERS 2017 - 2018

President - Matthew

Vice President - Emily

Secretary: Jackie

Treasurer: Jack

Parliamentarian: Jackie

Safety & Logistics Officer: JD

Sergeant-at-Arms: Andy

Recreation Leaders: Eric, Jack

Health Officer: Ryan Nguyen

PWC Association Liaison: Emily Lerch, Carly O’Leary, Jack O’Leary

Budget Committee: Chairman: Jack O’Leary, Members: Carly O’Leary, Eric Kotlowski, David Kotlowski, Sean Harrigan, Matthew Arnold