Nokesville 4-H Club

The Nokesville 4-H Club was chartered in September 2004 had approximately 30 members in the first year. Currently our membership has about 50 members and consists of boys and girls ranging in ages from 5 to 18. We accept membership enrollments only at the October and November meetings.

Our monthly meetings have an agenda that we follow with the Jr. Officers conducting the meeting with Parliamentary Procedure. Cloverbudshave activities in another room that they may opt to participate in during this Parliamentary Procedure.

Projects are 'hands-on' (learn by doing) activities held at various locations. These projects are planned around the interests of the members and volunteer help from the parents as project leaders.

Our club is actively involved in community service during the monthly meetings and on scheduled dates.

There are county fundraisers throughout the year however the Nuts and Poinsettia sales are our large annual kick-off fundraiser that runs Oct. - Dec. and generates several hundred dollars in income for the club to operate. Please always participate in the fundraisers that the county program announces.

We would like to encourage entire families to become part of our club. We find that the beauty of being an active family in our club minimizes the amount of driving around parents do when their child is otherwise involved in several different sports or clubs. The wonderful thing about 4-H is that the child can specialize in a project (at age 9+) of their own interest, yet can still be involved with community service, club activities and county activities.

As a parent, you will find it rewarding to be able to offer to your child and fellow 4-Hers your specialized skills. Please let us know if you have a talent to share with us and are interested in leading a project.

Please contact our New Member Liaison, Sydney Nguyen, for further questions.